Builtin Cards

This document describes the builtin cards.


class pie_time.cards.ClockCard[source]

The clock card.

This card displays a digital clock and date.

Settings dictionary keys:

DATE_FORMAT = '%a, %d %b %Y'

Default date format

GREEN = (96, 253, 108)

Green color for text

TIME_FORMAT = '%I:%M %p'

Default time format


class pie_time.cards.PictureCard[source]

The picture card.

This cards displays a picture from list of pre-defined pictures. If more than one picture is defined, it’s changed each time the card transitions to current card.

Settings dictionary keys:

  • urls (list) - required list of picture URLs. Currently, only file://, http:// and https:// URL schemes are supported.


class pie_time.cards.WeatherCard[source]

The weather card.

This cards displays the current weather for a selected city. The weather information is obtained from OpenWeatherMap.

Settings dictionary keys:


Default refresh interval

UNITS = 'metric'

Default units

WHITE = (255, 255, 255)

White color for text